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Create Torrent from Direct Download Link

No more extra talks. If you have a direct download link and want to download the file over bittorrent protocol just go to

Play Youtube using VLC

Go to Media > Open Network Stream in VLC menu.
Now paste the url of YouTube video page there.
Enjoy VLC with YouTube. It helps when you have high speed internet connection but don't want Flash player's CPU hungry nature .

How to install latest VLC in Ubuntu

VLC or Video Lan Client is one of the most useful opensource media player of the time. Being a cross platform it is easy to play on Windows/Linux/Mac/Solaris world. 

The default repository for VLC is not good handling latest releases for updates. For getting latest VLC releases you need to add another repository manually under your Ubuntu. 

Solve Rubik's Cube

Computing makes our life a lot easier. A very practical example is solving Rubik's Cube.
Here is a Rubik's Cube solving application for Windows platform (Linux user please use Wine)